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Oh Snap: Broken Necks

I receive a lot of guitars with broken necks and sad owners...but not for long! I generally get them up and running without a hitch. Very few ever come back again broken, in fact, none that I can think of. There's always hope! Here's a few recent jobs...

Gibson SG's are about 75% of these jobs (Les Pauls too). They often walk in, in two pieces.
Vintage SG '69/'70:

Another SG, this one was real nice otherwise.

Clean break, clean fix.

Danelectro really snapped up/fingerboard et all. A rare lefty! Now a player...

Ovation blues, this was a real bad break, I was a little concerned (it was fixed 25 yrs prior).

So far holding up well.

Epiphone Casino, a real bad break.  I just lacquered over the thick, plastic polyurethane paint.

This Gibson SG came to me in THREE PIECES!
This one turned out so well I couldn't let it go, at least not yet!