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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Recital Week at D-Rocks

Just finished our first night of recitals, and oh they went very well! We're now in our third year of doing them, doing guitar, bass, drums and piano. The D-Rocks "Band" performed tonight as well, doing some really classic songs! The schedule is:

Recitals at D-Rocks Dec. 17-19/Recitals at The Rocks Dec. 22-23.
Come out if you can!

see all the pics here: http://picasaweb.google.com/davidjhynek

update: the recitals at The Rock were simply fab!

attendance was full capacity (at least the seating), the vibe was great! as a player, my rig sounded fantastic in that room and I truely felt inspired...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Recording Studio

Most musicians have some form of a recording studio. I've been working in studios since 1991. Here's a list of most of my RECORDING and MASTERING SESSIONS:

From More Stuff
Year Artist/ Album/Project/ Task /Label /Studio
2009 Shawn Cox Classical Guitar Engineer Mobile
2008 No Blood Orphan Your First is Your Last Engineer/Master ANT
2007 Perry H. Matthews 7 inch EP Master Self ANT
2007 Bullets for Baby Album Master Self ANT
2007 Lifeafter Laserdisque Post War Housing Engineer/Master Self ANT
2007 No Blood Orphan Robertson Park Engineer/Master TempClone101012 ANT
2006 Stalemate Album Master Self ANT
2006 Members of the Press Modern Day Rome Master SumWatt ANT
2006 Landing On The Moon LOTM Master Beehive ANT
2006 No Blood Orphan Your Ship Sailed 7 Seas Engineer/Master Ant068 ANT
2006 Lifeafter Laserdisque Laser of Justice Engineer/Master CDSB002 ANT
2005 No Blood Orphan Joyful Melancholy Engineer/Master Ant067 ANT
2005 No Blood Orphan Lottery! Engineer/Master Ant066 ANT
2005 Fromanhole S/T Engineer/Master NP02 ANT
2004 No Blood Orphan S/T Engineer/Master Ant064 ANT
2003 John Klemmensen End All/Be All Master BH/TBA ANT
2003 Aria Remorse Anthology Re-Master Ant061 ANT
2002 Fromanhole Out of the Flats Master NP02 ANT
2002 Ravine Via Della Strada Engineer/Master Ant060 ANT
2002 Ravine in the Flat Field Bauhaus Tribute Engineer/Master Ant056 ANT
2001 Compilation-Decline of Midwestern Civilization 19 Band-Master/ReMaster Ant060 ANT
1999 Reset My Still Life Engineer/Master BHR008 Eclipse
1999 Soundtrack to Motion Picture Killing Diva Engineer/Master Ant046 Eclipse
1999 Killing Diva Film Music Supervisor Editing/ReMastering RNA Productions RNA
1999 Strangeblues Inverted Engineer/Master Ant 053 ANT
1999 Ravine Transmute Engineer/Master Ant050 Eclipse/ ANT
1997 Ravine S/T Engineer/Master Ant045 Eclipse
1996 Rasputin 4 Song Demo Engineer/Master Eclipse
1996 Ravine 7 Song Cassette Engineer/Master Ant044 Eclipse
1996 Ritual Device Rabe 7” Master CR/Ism13 Eclipse
1995 Revilo 6 Song/10” Engineer/Master BH2196A Eclipse
1995 Blenny 4 Song 10” Engineer/Master BH2196B Eclipse
1995 Eamon 9 Song Demo Engineer/Master Eclipse
1995 Dan Benz Coming Home Engineer/Master ANT
1994 Ritual Device Trademark of Quality Co-Produce (Mixed w/Gary Lind) TMOQ043 Eclipse
1994 Ritual Device Split 10” Engineer/Master MR007 Eclipse
1994 Fischer 6 Song/7” Engineer/Master IBB001 Eclipse
1994 Secret Skin Capital Lite Mix Vocal Tracking ER1005 Eclipse
1994 Strangeblues State of Nothing Engineer/Master ANT035 ANT
1994 Compilation-Live at the Capitol Dark Mix 18 Songs- Produce/Mix/Master ER1006 Eclipse
1994 Ritual Device Live 7” Co-Prod/Master MMR002 Eclipse
1993 Strangeblues S/T Engineer/Master ANT032 ANT
1993 Aria Remorse Without End Engineer/Master (Mixed w/Mike Brannan) ANT031 Eclipse/MB
1993 Ritual Device Mousetrap Split 7” Master OH007 Eclipse
1992 Fromunda 7 Song Demo Engineer/Master ANT
1990 Mike Saklar Solo Guitar Album #1 Engineer/Master Ant 052 ANT
1990 Aria Remorse The Wind and the Rain Engineer/Master ANT026 ANT
1992 Ritual Device Henge Co-Produce w/David Wm. Sims Red009/DUTCH EAST Steve Albini’s
1991 Ritual Device 6 Song Demo Co-Produce w/David Wm. Sims Steve Albini’s
1991 Ritual Device 7” Co-Prod. w/John Wolf, Tom Ware AR01 Jr.’s Motel

From More Stuff