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Monday, March 25, 2024


Baltimore P-Bass Guitar

-Pro Setup w/fretwork ($60), action ~7.5/64" B, 5/64" T @17th fret, condition fingerboard, refresh strings, plays easy

-Service Electronics, clean & deox control pots, jack, re tension jack ($45)

-includes accessories, strap, gig bag, cable ($40)

Stagg 20-BA Bass Amp

-Serviced electronics, includes headphone connection (dis-activates speaker) & accessory/music input for enhanced practicing
-Built in adjustable compression circuit for smooth tone

Friday, December 29, 2023

NoMoonLaser Guitar Bodies & Echoluxe Custom Build Vintage Guitars (1953 Fender Telecaster)

NoMoonLaser guitar bodies are absolute gems in a polluted sea of plastic tone.  NML's are typically crafted from vintage reclaimed woods, using original Fender jigs to create an authentic look with tone like no other.  Where modern guitars might use cuts from trees 15-20 years old - many NML's utilize trees planted in the early 1900s (and beyond!).  You can hear it, I mean I can hear it, when I flip between vintage Fenders and NML's vs. new wood.  There's definitely a thing to it.  Find Shawn on Reverb, eBay, Etsy, etc...

In 2022 I commissioned NML to construct a Tele from a salvaged 1953 Fender Stringmaster (steel guitar), we're talking Leo Fender & old wood.




Bonus:  ways to sink the jack cup bracket:


Double bonus, a few more NML's:

Fender Rosewood Tele & NML
Telecaster Deluxe


Friday, June 10, 2022

5E3 5F1 Champ Build from 1953-54 Components (Crestwood Reel)


-Jensen Alnico PM 2351 220344 (34th week of '54) 

-Box 464 (46th of '54) 

-Sticker, hand written 5/2/55 pencil date on masking tape 

-Original pot was dated '53 

-Has ext out for 8ohm Speaker/cab 

-Cap job'd, updated plate load, node resistors, cathode bias 

-Test High Voltages: B+ 347vdc, 250v, 217v, 339v P, 250v S, 14.4v k 

-Clock Output on speaker: 5.6vac, 6.2vac @6ohms ~5.8w RMS, 6.4w Peak Power 

The aged wood and big box really resonate. Blindfolded this might sound better than my two tweed Champs. Wow.