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Friday, January 13, 2017

Fender Princeton Cabinet Redux

My friend Eddie Morin produced a reproduction 1950 TV Champ cabinet for my Fender amp last year.  It turned out extremely accurate, both in detail and craftsmanship.  And it looked so nice I just couldn't bring myself to cover it in tweed.  So I gave it some orange shellac and here it is.

I recently had another idea to have him help me complete a Fender Princeton project I've had around for some years.  I basically have a pair of Princetons but a single cabinet to house them.  Eddie was up to the task.

Eddie's wood shop
Attention to detail

Here's how it fit

I was going to cover this in black or blonde tolex.  Once again it was much too elegant to hide in wrap.  Great work Eddie, much appreciated. 


Orange shellac just looks so nice.

Isabella helped me do the oxblood grille cloth. 
Not the easiest thing, we did pretty good but not factory.
I created a repro tube chart, based on the other tube chart.  Look authentic?
Here's both of them, 1963 vs. 1969
Still has that blonde look of sorts.
1965 with some repro, in comparison.