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Friday, June 10, 2022

5E3 5F1 Champ Build from 1953-54 Components (Crestwood Reel)


-Jensen Alnico PM 2351 220344 (34th week of '54) 

-Box 464 (46th of '54) 

-Sticker, hand written 5/2/55 pencil date on masking tape 

-Original pot was dated '53 

-Has ext out for 8ohm Speaker/cab 

-Cap job'd, updated plate load, node resistors, cathode bias 

-Test High Voltages: B+ 347vdc, 250v, 217v, 339v P, 250v S, 14.4v k 

-Clock Output on speaker: 5.6vac, 6.2vac @6ohms ~5.8w RMS, 6.4w Peak Power 

The aged wood and big box really resonate. Blindfolded this might sound better than my two tweed Champs. Wow.