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1961-61 Gibson Les Paul rare SG

This was a fun project. I had a customer restoring an extremely rare 1961 Gibson Les Paul (SG). The owner is a vintage guitar fanatic, knowing the specs and details to the finest degree.
Exact pictures of others from this year were provided to follow.
As well as set up and playability, one concern was getting the electronics to a vintage spec and look. Black decal PAF pickups were matched and added & metal covers waxed in, as were original coded pots etc.

Even the rare pickguard and plastics were produced.

One thing we had to peg was the color of the wiring and the manner it is layed out. Sometimes you have to "find" period correct stuff.

The classic vibrato had to be dealt with.
Even the case was meticulously sought out and added.
In the end, plays like butter, is super lightweight, and sounds like a million bucks. What a fine vintage guitar!!!