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Friday, June 10, 2022

5E3 5F1 Champ Build from 1953-54 Components (Crestwood Reel)


-Jensen Alnico PM 2351 220344 (34th week of '54) 

-Box 464 (46th of '54) 

-Sticker, hand written 5/2/55 pencil date on masking tape 

-Original pot was dated '53 

-Has ext out for 8ohm Speaker/cab 

-Cap job'd, updated plate load, node resistors, cathode bias 

-Test High Voltages: B+ 347vdc, 250v, 217v, 339v P, 250v S, 14.4v k 

-Clock Output on speaker: 5.6vac, 6.2vac @6ohms ~5.8w RMS, 6.4w Peak Power 

The aged wood and big box really resonate. Blindfolded this might sound better than my two tweed Champs. Wow.




Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Echoluxe On Display in Van Halen's 1978 Rig, The Met Fifth Ave, NYC

 Eddie's live rig on display at the Met Fifth Ave, NYC
  On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 199 
Right: a pair of Echoluxe replica '60s Echoplex footswitches (one under tape)
Day On The Green 1978
Photos by Neil Zlozower buy his book:  Van Halen: A Visual History, 1978-1984
"Eddie Van Halen, a self-taught guitarist, created a new vocabulary on his instrument through an array of jaw-dropping techniques and electronic effects. Two-handed tapping, in which both hands sound the strings from the fingerboard, allowed him to produce fluid phrases at dizzying speeds. Van Halen’s use of “dive bombing,” depressing and releasing the vibrato bar to create dramatic descents and ascents in pitch, drove innovations in guitar design such as the locking vibrato system and ushered in new standards in virtuosic hard- rock and metal performance.

Displayed here is a reconstruction of his rig as it appeared onstage in 1978, the year the band Van Halen released their eponymous debut album. It includes amplifier speaker cabinets and tube-powered amplifiers (heads), effects units, and a reconstructed pedalboard featuring effect pedals identical to the originals, alongside a replica of the 1978 version of the “Frankenstein” guitar. Most dramatically, Van Halen’s rig included the casing of a World War II–era practice bomb that was repurposed as a rack for housing his Univox tape echo units."

Rig Includes:
EVH "Super 78 Eruption" guitar replica, white with black stripes
Two Marshall 412 Slanted cabinets, late 1960s
Two Marshall 412 Straight cabinets, late 1960s
Marshall 412 Slanted cabinet, 1978
Marshall 412 Straight cabinet, 1978
Two Marshall 1959 SLP Super Lead 100W heads, late 1960s
Two Univox EC-80A Echo effect units, Mid 1970s
US Air Force MK 22 Practice Bomb rack (replica)
Ohmite Variable Voltage Controller

1970s MXR Flanger
MXR Phase 90
Two Echoluxe remote footswitches for
EC-80A tape echo units





left:  original '60s, right:  Echoluxe replica




Wednesday, May 22, 2019

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tech Work for Black Sabbath the End Tour 2016

October 2015
I received word that Black Sabbath would be in town for 3-4 days rehearsing for their "The End" farewell tour and that they'd need some technical assistance.  Time went on and I'd kind of forgotten about it.  Finally I got the call in January 2017.  The band needed all their gear in working order so they contacted me.  They constructed their stage and lighting for multiple rehearsals at the local Enormodome, followed by opening night of the tour.  I had the privilege of working with them for a few days, repairing and tidying up a few things.  It was quite something to be on stage during full volume playing and hear things like tornado sirens and rain being tested at giga-decibles.  It was really quite something.  Super thanks to Ben, Terry, Neil and Nevik, super dudes, a super time.
I was mentally preparing for a healthy dose of this.

January 2016
 To my shop:

Geezer Butler Ashdown bass rig, custom circuit, custom black faceplate
Tony Iommi custom Laney guitar head on Geezer's Ashdown.

Laney Iommi

Laney Iommi Signature Model

Inside an Iommi Laney

Inside an Iommi Laney

Working out crossover notch

balancing outputs

Laney Iommi on the bench and powered up

Laney Iommi the backlight emits red crosses.  Now we're cooking with fire.

To the Century Link Center, Omaha, NE

Stage Right:  Geezer Butler, bass

More of Geezer's power amps, power to boot.

Geezer's rig with EQ units, pedals and tuner.

Each power amp is linked to it's own cab, though only two are mic'd

Geezer's "Henry" logo appears everywhere, I mean everywhere.


Geezer Butler Black Sabbath Cry Baby Wah Pedal Bass Effect
Geezer Butler Bass Wah.  He uses it for one song.  One song.
Geezer Butler Black Sabbath Cry Baby Wah Pedal Bass Effect
Geezer's wah comes out at the beginning of NIB, is well marked so Ozzy doesn't break a leg, and is removed promptly after all the same.

Geezer Butler Lakeland Black Sabbath The End Tour
Geezer Butler's Lakeland basses.  Even the strings are black.

Henry.  Even his strings resonate black.

Too dark but his other basses.  He has his own EMG signature pickups.

Center Stage:  Tommy Clufeto drums

Tommy Clufetos's massive D.W. kit

Tommy's kit

Stage Left:  Tony Iommi, guitar
Tony Iommi Laney signature model heads, 100 watts each
Adam Wakeman the same.
Mic configuration and matrix, note bottom speakers only.
Massive, just massive.
Warpigs, the perfect soundcheck
Finally, the concert.  First of the last.